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University Co Eds 8 (scene 1)


Title scene: Teenage girl having very hard Date: 2002-12-31 Studio: E Media Group Cast: Elena, Ian Daniels, Cherry Mirage, Delia, John Strong, Leanni Lei, J.J. Micheals, Blair Segall Some truly stunning young beauties light up this blistering edition of the college-based series. While you won't always believe the set-ups, the sex itself is scorchingly hot in each and every segment. Right off the bat we're treated to a fantastic scene, as sweet Blair Segal goes on a camping trip with studly beau Ian Daniels. Her innocence melts away in the face of his amorous insistence, and the scene builds and builds to an explosive anal finale. Elena gets to use some of her native Russian in her scene, taking on comrade John Strong in a white-hot scene that revolves around a malfunctioning tanning bed. De'Lia's a scrumptious cutie, a curly-haired young waif who romps with J.J. Michaels in a fun frolic. Stryc-9 is here in one of her earliest roles, joining luscious Filipina Leanni Lei as a pair of grade-challenged college students. Their teacher tells them off, but when they offer up a sex-for-grades exchange, he backs off due to sexual harassment laws. He's more than happy to watch them go at it in a sensual Sapphic sizzler that closes things out in fine form. Lots of great looking young bodies and enthusiastic performances make this one to remember.