Jennica Lynn - Before Your Wife Gets Back (04.06.2017)


My two best friends came to visit! We were watching some movies and yet again his wife left me alone with him to go do some errands. He is asleep napping on the couch. When he wakes up his head is in my lap.. how sneaky am I He laughs a little and being a bit shy. I drop my titties on top of him.. and make him suck my nipples which I can feel shivers down my spine mmm.. I unzip his pants and feel he has gone rock hard. He is still a bit shy cos he knows how wrong this is. But my hands feel how he wants it. I decide to ride him to pleasure..I am moaning.. he is moaning.. so much pleasure, whatch his cock slide in an out of my pussy, Riding him hard to make him pop before his wifees back!