Ariel Anderssen Bent Over & Spanked To Teach The Girl Some Orderly Conduct!!! 14th February 2019


Ariel has been shouted downstairs by her Step-Mum who is unimpressed by Ariels overall attitude and conduct. After seeing how the girl is dressed her Step-Mum is embarrassed and furious with her, choosing to wear such revealing outfits with always her bra or panties missing! Her Step-Mum decides that this is finally enough, Ariels got away with too much, for far too long and now it’s going to come to an end! Ariel is ordered to strip naked on the spot, but she thinks she’s getting away with it by leaving her panties on. Little does she know but her Step-Mum has a thrashing which she wants to deliver to Ariels bare bottom. So after bending Ariel over, slipping her panties down, her Step-Mum proceeds to smash her bare bottom using her open hand! Ariel wriggles and squeals, writhes and moans, but it stops when her Step-Mum says so, which doesn’t look like any time soon!!!