Female Costa Coffee Barista Follows & Strips LIMP Sapphire!!!!


Sapphire has collected her Costa Coffee but something about it tastes a little off, Sapphire had rejected the advances of the female barista who served her, and Sapphire thinks that in retaliation she was given the milk which was going off! It’s a bit unpleasant, but there’s no need to finish the spoiled drink, so she puts it to one side before falling back on the sofa. Then unbeknown to Sapphire the barista has followed her back to her house, and now she is going to take revenge for the rejection, by leaving Sapphire completely humiliated!!! She starts by removing Sapphires shoes, then moving on by paying attention to Sapphires breasts! She removes her breasts out of her clothing, then begins to pull at her short denim shorts which attracted her attention, but as she starts to remove them Sapphire starts to wake! The barista must not have applied enough, to keep Sapphire quite for long enough, and now she needs to make a hasty retreat!!!