Twisted Housemate Leaves Samantha Alexandra Motionless!!!


It’s the early in the week and beautiful blonde Samantha is relaxing around the house, much to her housemates dismay. He wanted the house to himself as he had a girl coming over, but since Samantha declared that she’s not leaving the house for the day he has been forced to do something drastic, which in turn means he won’t have to cancel his guest! Samantha’s twisted housemate sneaks into the room she’s in, he then smothers her face with a cloth covered in a muscle relaxant. Samantha struggles at first but then submits to a slumbered state. Now Samantha is vulnerable and her housemate decides he wants to see her naked, in all her glory, as he feels he wants to deeply humiliate defenceless Samantha, taking away her dignity and pride. It’s clear to see that Samantha is motionless, as he lifts and parades her limp, naked and full exposed body! Now finally the sick and twisted housemate is able to have his female guest round without the risk any interruptions?!