Out Of Control Sophie Parker Charged For Being Tipsy And Disorderly!!


Sophie has had what looks like a very fun but heavy night out on the Town, unfortunately the girl doesn’t know her limits and has got absolutely wasted! She was being a public nuisance and she has been charged for being Tipsy and disorderly, not at all phased she continues to see the funny side down at the station, while being processed Sophie shows that she is out of control and she needs to spend a night in the cells just to sober up, she laugh and sniggers but she doesn’t even realise that she’s falling out of her dress! She looks like an utter fool, so Tipsy that all she can do is laugh as she sways from side to side, before she is put in her cell she must be searched and cleared to not be any danger to herself, Sophie strips out of her red dress which she was falling out of anyway and stands proud as punch with no shame absolutely naked, once she has been checked over she will be given the all clear to go and get some much needed kip!