Reporter Ariels Bribery Attempts Leave Her LIMP & Humiliated!!!!! 22nd December 2018


Ariel Anderssen is trying her very best to persuade Samantha Alexandra to give her an exclusive interview, with her secret life threatened to be exposed!! So it’s more of a bribe than an offer, and the interviewer knows she has secrets that Samantha would rather keep out of the public eye, Samantha is flustered and unsure what to do, so she wants to discuss options over a cup of tea. Ariel pushes hard to get the exclusive interview, but Samantha sends her to sleep using her tea! Ariel is at first disorientated and confused before falling LIMP!! Now Samantha can strip and humiliate the stupid reporter, taking photos of Ariels exposed body, as a counter-bribery measure!! Ariels shirt is left undone, with her skirt lifted up and pants pulled down, now Ariels on the receiving end, she fails to see things the way she did before, as she’s left feeling violated and outraged, insulted furthermore by the interview she will not now be getting!!!