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Rose Is A Very Bad Babysitter!!!


Rose has been asked to babysit for some family friends, she was given full instructions on what to do with the and told things she could and could not do. It was made clear to Rose in no uncertain terms that her boyfriend was not allowed round, however Rose is a very bad babysitter and she didn’t pay to much attention to any of the rules. Not only has Rose had her boyfriend round but also some of his friends, the neighbours reported to the parent hearing sexual noises coming from the house. The parent is furious with Rose, not only has she disobeyed the house rules but also been having sex with multiple people while she should have been babysitting. The parent slams Rose for her utterly disgusting behaviour and lack of respect. The parent feels some revenge is in order and demands Rose to strip as punishment, not only will Rose not get payed for this job but she will not get any referrals after this event, the parent demands for Rose to leave the house and take all her belongings with her.