Samanthas Limp Hypnotheraphy Session Goes Drastically Wrong!!!


Samantha is attending a hypnotheraphy session with her trusted Doctor, she’s complaining about muscle ache as Samantha has just finished a stint in the gym. Wanting to help Samantha her hypnotherapist recommends some of his alternative treatments, which other clients have said really helped them relax their muscles and relieve tension. Samantha falls for this con-Doctors suggestions, and as soon as this hypnotherapist has control of Samantha he has her stripping off naked, he then tells her to go limp all over to help lessen the tension on her muscles. After getting a good picture of Samantha’s naked body for this sham of a session, Samantha is told to wake up, however the Doctor has forgotten to get her dressed first, totally shocked Samantha demands to know why she hasn’t got any clothes on and wants to know what has just happened, trying to rescue his license he tries to calm the situation, Samantha is not going to be taken advantage of any more and leaves before he can do any more humiliating things to her!!!