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Fucking Hot - S12:E14 Feb 26, 2019


Blonde cutie Katy Rose plays with brunette Lusila's hair during a quiet afternoon, but soon the couple's sexual urges get the better of them. Within moments soft hands are reliving warm bodies of their clothing between passionate kisses that get them both fired up. Taking the lead, Katy plants slow kisses on Lusila's chest as she works her way down the brunette's body to her ultimate goal of Lusila's black thong. She slides it off, then settles between Lusila's parted thighs so that she can tease her woman by licking and sucking the heart of her passion. Despite Lusila's frenzied moans, Katy keeps up her slow and steady pace until her lover is writhing in ecstasy. Next the girls switch places so that the petite Lusila can have a turn enjoying Katy's juicy twat. She returns the slow and sensual treatment that she received, taking her time driving her woman wild as she licks and sucks Katy's clit. When she has warmed her lover up so that Katy's pussy is dripping with creamy juices, Lusila slips two fingers into her tight hole and uses gentle flicks of her wrist to massage her woman's g-spot. Katy gets up on her hands and knees for a different pleasurable angle, and Lusila continues her slow and steady finger fucking until Katy is screaming her climax. Luscila gets another turn as Katy's body still flutters with joy from her orgasm. She rides her lover's thigh, enjoying the pressure against her sensitized slit and the feel of Katy's thumb against her clit. Soon Katy is able to recover from her boneless ecstasy enough to slide two fingers deep into Lusila's cum hungry sheath and send her writhing into another joyous climax. Now that they are both sated and satisfied, the two girls share a lingering kiss that cements their love for one another.