Ellie Roe And Her Huge Tits Must Be Outed For Financial Backing!! 28th January 2018


Today Ellie has the most important business meeting of which she’s had for a while, it’s her final chance to secure financial backing for her business, which she is passionate about and desperate to get launched! When the potential female lender identifies that she’s Ellies only option, she takes full advantage of the situation. Already seduced by Ellies sexy uniform and great figure, the female business partner wants more of what Ellies got to offer!! She demands that for a deal to be reached Ellie must complete a sexy strip tease! Ellie is humiliated by the offer alone, so doing the most degrading thing ever is surely out of question!? After some soul searching, Ellie decides it can’t be that bad to get her new business launched in return, all she has to do is strip completely naked, with her huge tits out to secure financial backing!!