Miss Davis Made To Strip For Discount!!!! 12th December 2017


Miss Davis has come to view a potential house to move into, and she loves it. Miss Davis wants it and what Miss Davis wants, she usually gets! After viewing the property she has decided this is the right one for her, but she did tell a fib to the estate agents, she said she could afford it but that’s not entirely true! She can almost afford the asking price but not quite, so she asks if there is any way that the current owner could accommodate her situation, and this pervy homeowner has a seedy idea! He can see how badly Miss Davis wants it, and he’s prepared to give it to her, but she must strip for him, he wants her completely naked in his front room and then a deal can be done, only by showing how badly she wants it, is the dominant male going to be prepared to finalise a deal! But after humiliating Miss Davis he then goes back on his word, leaving Miss Davis naked and truly embarrassed by the whole situation, she storms out and I don’t think she’ll be coming back or placing an offer after being made to feel so stupid!!