Naughty Little Virgin Made To Strip By Councillor!! 23rd June 2017


Sexy Student Samantha Alexandra is waiting to see the Councillor, she would like some advice with something, many young girls her age seek advice for. She would like to know how to better handle situations when she’s approached, being totally inexperienced she was hoping for some real words of wisdom! BUT what she got was a pervy Councillor who couldn’t wait to take advantage of this innocent, pretty, sweet virgin!! He offered to help Samantha gain some kind of experience and that could start with her stripping infront of him, least then she will have been NAKED infront of a man! Shy, embarrassed and unsure what to do with this advice, Samantha seems confused, her Councillor should help in situations like this and it really doesn’t feel like this is helping, first she removes her shoes and instantly Samantha knows something feels wrong! The question is how far will Samantha go before she realises that she’s being taken advantage of?!?!