Naughty Schoolgirl Deceitfully Faking & Punished With Firm Bottom Spanking!!! 20th May 2017


Many sweet and innocent school girls are more deceitful than what they let on, and Samantha is prime example of that! She has a crush on the school Dr and likes to pay him a visit, in return he offers plenty of attention Samantha’s way, but it’s only on a professional basis! This week Samantha claims she’s experiencing stomach cramps, but the Doctor isn’t having any of it. He knows that Samantha has a hidden agenda, but he thinks that she is trying to get out of doing her exam that she hasn’t revised for, and so, he decides to discipline Samantha so she learns not to waste his time. He pulls Samantha’s knickers around her ankles and gives the girl a firm bottom spanking. Samantha grunts and yelps as the Doctors cold hand thrashes against her cold bottom! It’s not quite what she wanted from the Doctor but she’ll take it! Samantha is finally ordered to leave and told to stop wasting the Doctors time!!!