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J is a huge fan of Cathy's and he also has an ability that leaves most guys sobbing uncontrollably in his tracks. Where most guys are limited to 1, 2 or maybe 3 orgasms in a row, J has literally no limit. We asked him how many times he's cum in a 'session' and he said 10 times!! We first met J when he came along to the orgy we organized for Miya .. scene 516. It was during thatscene that we first became aware of his unusual ability. After that night, J wanted to hook up withus again so we did when he was back in LA the following year. Unfortunately, after a mix up, it was very late when we did get together .. and we had an early flight out to the east coast in the morning.. so I had to stop the two of them fucking after he came a 4th time in 30 minutes.