Doppelganger - Part 2 01-19-2019


Cast: Samantha Hayes, Chad Alva Before Ryan's many cosmetic surgeries to look like a superman knockoff, Ryan looked like a young punk rocker who came from the lap of luxury. As such, he knew how differently people treated him because of his looks and his wealth. This was what drew him to the stripper, Samantha. She existed outside the constricting social circle of the ultra-elite. She also was the first woman who did not pretend to like him because of his money. In fact, it took months of Ryan visiting her at the club before she agreed to come back to his house. Ryan tries to Samantha with his house and his money, and his promise to pay for her plastic surgery after they get married. Samantha is unimpressed by all of this. She just likes who he is. The two have an intimate connection. Samantha uses her talents perfected at the strip club to tease Ryan into submission. She looks innocent, but from the way she strokes and sucks his cock, she is anything but. She grinds on his dick like she is twerking on a pole. And she gives him the VIP treatment she has saved for a man like Ryan who can offer her much more than just a paycheck--someone who can offer her love.