The Boss Is Coming 02-25-2011


Cast: Kayme Kai Dale is the Co-Owner of the soapy massage parlor. He recently was told that a few of the girls haven't been performing their jobs properly, So he decides to come down to the parlor, and is greeted by Kayme. He explains to her that he's the owner and wants to discuss a few matters with her. As they sit down he tells her he's a hands on guy and wants to know exactly how things go during a session to see why customers could possibly be complaining. Kayme leads him to the back and starts soaping him up in the shower. Kayme is a bit nervous at first but as she starts to play with his cock she warms up. They soon move to the air mattress where Kayme slides back and forth over Dale's body. She soon after takes his cock in her mouth and starts sucking and jerking him.