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Amirah Adara


You're about to witness Dogfart's Invasion of Europe! This is our third trip out, and this time, things are going to get crazier than ever! We sent two of our biggest, most bad-ass studs -- Prince Yashua and Jax Slayer -- over to the "Porn Valley" of Europe, Budapest! In our initial episode, who's waiting for our crew? One of Europe's biggest porn stars, Amirah Adara! Amirah knows all the hottest sluts in Europe, and with her help, Prince and Jax are gonna fuck their was through the trip! There's y one problem: after spending almost 20 hours traveling, our studs are experiencing a serious spell of jet lag. No worries though! Amirah knows exactly how to snap them out of their travel woes...but offering up all three of her sweet, sweet holes! On...