Journey to the Center of Her Ass! Video with Nancy Bell 11.20.2012


Cast: Nancy Bell Nancy Bell gives us quite a butt show as she tugs up her black miniskirt and pulls aside her thong crotch to let us fill our eyeballs and imaginations with some truly remarkable closeups of her pussy and asshole. We also get memorable shots of her slit nestled against the white panty gusset. Nancy quickly takes off her skirt and rests her legs on the arms of the chair so that she can spread herself nice and wide, always giving us a sunny smile on her pretty Hungarian face. She pours some liquid from a huge glass goblet onto her snatch, and our DDF cameras come in even tighter, almost like microphotography, to immortalize the glistening drops of moisture along her pink core and on the slightly beige edges of her cunny lips. Once Nancy firmly has our unwavering attention, she then stuffs two fingers into her rosebud, then switches to her knees to stick her ass at us doggie style. But her fingers frequently return to her anus as she poses several more ways, and then licks those digits clean.