[Rocky Emerson] Tall And Sexy As Hell Rocky Emerson LIVE - 09/30/2019


It's not often you get a babe like Rocky Emerson to look up to and at 6'3 most of you will be looking up those sexy long legs to peer into those crystal blue eyes of hers. Rocky loves how you admire her curves when she spins around showing off her lacy lingerie that will be soon coming off once Nathan leaves for a couple minutes so you can enjoy all of Rocky by yourself! She gets that bra off and lets those panties drop all the way down those long legs so you can see how delicious and wet that pussy is! Nathan runs in and dives face first right into that hot pussy making Rocky moan out as his tongue flicks and licks all over that clit. That attention alone is enough to make her cum but she wants to suck that cock and show you how she can ride on a hard long shaft so she can milk that cock of all its cum. Archive from 9-16-2019 5pm LIVE show!