Fruit Fucking Beauties! - 01.09.2008


Nataly and Prada are all set up to enjoy a continental breakfast spread but these two sexies have other things on their minds and end up fucking the fruit and eating each other. They start with teasingly licking a grape, and then start touching and kissing each other. They start rubbing each other’s nipples and pussies, getting each other wetter and wetter by the second. Nataly grabs a banana for Prada to suck on, and they both get it slick to get up into both of their pussies and asses, pumping the phallus shaped fruit deeper and deeper with every stroke, gaping all holes wider and wider. Nataly has a huge orgasm and you can see the pussy juice oozing from her pink hole as Prada pulls the banana from her ass and gives it a suck before they share a long and nasty kiss.