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[Mina Leigh] Mina Leigh - 12/08/2008


Welcome to the Champagne Room! Today we feature Mina Leigh in the room in the back where if you pay a little extra, you have extra access. As we look around, it seems that all the black brothers in the club had the same idea, and the audience definitely has a darker shade to it. Mina doesn't care though, she is intent on showing them everything, including her sweet asshole, tucked between those tight round buns.The guys are showing their appreciation by showering her with bills, but Tone Capone changes it up by offering his fat black choad, and Mina obliges by kneeling and devouring it for everyone's pleasure. Tone isn't content with just her oral overtures, he has plans for plundering that puckered pooper she displayed so proudly earlier. What he doesn't know is Mina wants nothing more than to get that black pleasure stick shoved up her tight dunkin' donut, and she spreads her cheeks to welcome the incoming invasion! While Tone continues the colonoscopy, the audience changes their offerings from greenbacks to a fresh load of joy juice delivered into her open mouth. After everyone has made their deposits, Tone pulls out of her throbbing anus, and feeds her his single serving of ghetto yogurt!